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Susanne Guntermann

Susanne Guntermann

Head of Synechron, The Netherlands
/ / What I do at Synechron

Head of Synechron Netherlands and Global Account Lead for one of the largest EU banks

I initially joined Synechron Amsterdam two years ago as a business consultant within the Delivery Management practice. Right now, I am currently heading up the Synechron Netherlands office. In this important role, I am responsible for a great team of 100 dedicated colleagues that include business consultants, tech consultants, and staff. Together, we support our clients in driving innovation and digital transformations within the financial services sector.

I am also the Global Account Lead for one of the largest EU banks, which means that I am the key Synechron contact person for that client. In collaboration with the account team, I manage the relationship with this client bank for existing projects, as well as exploring new opportunities to help the client with their change management needs. 


Lead the Synechron Netherlands team and manage client projects & explore new opportunities to support the client in managing change

/ / Why I joined Synechron

Love the work culture and client-focused approach

I had been working within the international financial sector for 12 years, when I joined Synechron. Working at an international bank in The Netherlands, I used to be the client and hired Synechron consultants for several projects. Their expertise, ability to immediately work hard and successfully at new activities, and the pleasant working relationships I had with them, made me hire them for several assignments during those years. They were always very enthusiastic about Synechron as an employer. When I left the bank and had enjoyed a few months of sabbatical, I explored my options at Synechron, and here I am!

/ / My Skills, Qualifications And Experience

Specialist in Change Management with International work experience

During my career in financial services, I have gained a lot of experience in leading change and managing successful international teams. I have worked in different roles, varying from being responsible for Strategy and Business Development, setting up a new global department within the area of Investment Research & Investment Products, working in Front Office roles within Private Banking, and managing Global Regulatory Programs.


Boxing, Yoga, Hiking, Traveler and Foodie

In my spare time, I take boxing and yoga classes which help me to stay fit. I have two rescue dogs with a lot of energy, and I take them on long hikes at the beach. I have lived in different cities like Madrid, San Juan (Puerto Rico) and Miami, and I still have a few others on my list to live and work.

I enjoy traveling, exploring new restaurants, I love Italian wine and Japanese food, and I read everything about personal development I can get my hands on.


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