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Suraj Naik

Associate Specialist – Technology, Pune, India
/ / What I do at Synechron

Devising simple, elegant UX solutions

Dynamic environments are where I thrive. I enjoy creating simple, elegant UX solutions for complex, interactive systems at Synechron. This excitement for my work also includes iterative design that mixes visual and technology client collaboration with frequent usability testing. From start to finish, I like being involved in the project all the way through from development, launch and post-launch to analytics, design improvements and being involved in formulating the concepts for adding new features.


Suraj gets involved in end-to-end project activities

/ / Why I joined Synechron

To work with inspiring & brilliant teams

I fit best in a casual, uber-geeky office culture where everyone shares a passion for digital art, gadgets and even techno music. I get to experience this every day at Synechron. I used to be a front-end developer, but I soon found a passion for UX design, which brings me new challenges every day here and allows me to work with inspiring, brilliant teams.

/ / My skills, qualifications and experience

Professional experience matters

I’m only a commerce graduate, but I don’t regret that. Education and better opportunities never stop in my life. I started as a front-end developer handling everything from project initiation and conceptualization to client communication and project execution. I always knew I wanted to work professionally in the design realm as a UX designer, which is why I joined Synechron.

/ / My personal interests


I enjoy collecting coins and stamps. In fact, you’ll always see coin exchange sites open on my computer. I also like to be at the outdoors, as I am an avid rock climber. , I like DIY crafts like origami and I’m also studying Indian Sign Language (ISL). All these distinct interests help keep me dynamic, visionary and competitive within an ever-changing landscape.

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