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Rajul Mathur

Associate Director, Pune, India
/ / What I do at Synechron

Offshore Delivery and Client Relationship

At Synechron, I am responsible to manage the offshore delivery function along with client relationship and engagement for one of the leading mobile insurance providers in the APAC region.


Rajul maintains client relations and engages with them on a regular basis.

/ / Why I joined Synechron

Opportunity to perform, deliver and excel

I love the never stopping action at Synechron. The opportunity to perform, deliver and excel in my role here gives me the daily adrenaline rush needed to keep myself motivated. I feel this is the right place for me to utilize and strengthen my abilities.

/ / MY SKILLs, qualifications and experience

Engineer and Project Management Professional

My educational background includes Bachelor’s degree in Engineering and a certification of ‘Project Management Professional’. My total experience spans over 16 years which primarily includes Project management and Client engagement. Synechron has played a crucial role in my overall career development.

/ / My personal interests


I am fascinated with sports, particularly Cricket, which is a stress-buster activity for me. Apart from sports, I also enjoy listening to music and explore the vast ocean of knowledge in the form of Wikipedia.

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