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Natalia Zurowski

Lead - Global Marketing and Communication, London, UK
/ / What I do at Synechron

Marketing, more marketing and a lot of social media

I am the Marketing Lead for Synechron UK. I perform the day-to-day marketing activities for the Company in London, including hosting and planning events, communications, preparing strategies and new channels to market, overseeing the CRM etc. I am also heavily involved in other facets of the business, including the Commercial & Human Resources teams, as well as being a member of the Women in Business group. If it’s someone’s birthday, an event we are hosting or attending, or a big announcement, you can bet I will have it all over social media.


Helping firms reach their marketing potential

/ / Why I joined Synechron

To feel empowered, futureproof my career and create impact

I joined Synechron because it’s full of opportunity. With an exceptional training programme, a collaborative team, and unparalleled accelerators, it’s the perfect place to build your career. You get the stability of a corporate, with the feel of a scale-up. My exposure to a wide range of topics, including Blockchain, AI/Machine Learning, Data Science, Robotic Processing Automation and Wealth Tech, has been a great learning experience. We don’t just talk about tech, we create PoCs that work.

At Synechron, you are able to make a difference and create impact. I love being a part of a Company that allows their employees to grow, feel empowered and become the best professionals they can be.

/ / My skills, qualifications and experience

Bachelor’s Degree in Media, Information and Technology and Psychology

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Media, Information and Technology and Psychology from Western University (Canada) and Nanyang Technological University (Singapore). I used to work in the fashion industry and made the switch to financial services two years ago, where I began my career working for a small, scale-up financing company. In a short period of time, I worked my way up from being a Marketing Assistant to the de facto of Head of Marketing where I spearheaded and executed marketing strategies that led to multiple award nominations and significantly contributed to the sales pipeline. If you can work in a start-up and succeed, you can do just about anything!

/ / My personal interests

Diversity, Technology, and Insurance

Apart from marketing, my passions include diversity and technology. I am the Social Media & Marketing Lead for the Insurance Cultural Awareness Network (iCAN) and a founding member and spokesperson for Insurtech UK, a trade alliance that promotes innovation in the insurance industry. You will probably see me post about it enough on LinkedIn. As you might be able to tell, I love being busy but I believe in working hard and playing hard.

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