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Monique Jager Smeets

Monique Jager Smeets

Principal Consultant, The Netherlands
/ / What I do at Synechron

I am Head of Enterprise Architecture

I work as business consultant and lead the Enterprise Architecture & Transformation practice in Amsterdam. Enterprise architecture brings together people, processes, data and applications in a target operating model. Together, these elements bridge business and technology, and create value. I love building these bridges because it offers never-ending challenges to effectively bring together people, processes, data and application in the fast-moving financial sector.

for work Eklove Mohan getting innovative at work.


I help clients and colleagues to find solutions for their day-to-day challenges

A happy work day for Eklove Mohan.
/ / Why I joined Synechron

For the great professionals

As a former banker, I used to work quite a lot with consultants from Synechron. I have always appreciated their professionalism, dedication and no-nonsense approach. And I valued that they always got the job done. Synechron has long been at the top of my ‘wish list’. So, when I had the opportunity to join them, I did not hesitate.

/ / MY SKILLs, qualifications and experience

I speak the language of business and technology

Before joining Synechron in 2020, I spent over 20 years in financial services. I built my career in investment and wholesale banking, institutional investment management and pensions, with a focus on risk management. Dealing with the continuous change, financial crises and regulatory requirements meant I was continuously looking for solutions. Most of the time those solutions involved bringing together people, processes, data and applications. So, enterprise architecture and target operating models have been the common thread throughout my career.

Here’s how work and fun gel for Eklove Mohan.
/ / My personal interests

Karate, a good conversation and walking with my dogs

I like sports, both watching and engaging in. I do karate, tennis and fitness classes, like body balance and body combat. As for watching sports, my favorites are football, tennis and volleyball. I enjoy a good conversation with family and friends, but I also like to be on my own, reading books or walking with my dogs.


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