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May Yang

May Yang

Global Head of Operations, London, UK
/ / What I do at Synechron

Oversee daily operations of Synechron and implement company strategies across the business units

I have worked at Synechron for a decade and have served in many roles across different operational functions. I have served as Chief of Staff and Senior Manager of Sales and Operations before holding my current role of Global Head of Operations. I ensure there is collaboration across business units to drive productivity and enhance our employee experience.


Collaborating across business units to drive productivity and enhance our employee experience

/ / Why I joined Synechron

For the unrivalled career opportunities

I joined Synechron because of the opportunity to work across different corporate functions. I was empowered even in a junior role to make decisions and define my career path.

/ / My Skills, Qualifications And Experience

Experienced operations leader

I have a Degree in Chemical Engineering and am currently pursuing an Executive MBA with Columbia Business School and London Business School. My degree in engineering has taught me vital decision-making skills and how to be analytical which has helped me a great deal in my role at Synechron.


Travel and high intensity training

I love travelling, especially glamping. There is something soothing about being back in nature and sitting by the campfire roasting marshmallows. I also include high intensity training in my schedule, as it is efficient and a great stress reliever at the end of a long day.


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