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Kevin Obrien

Data Scientist, Dubai, UAE
/ / What I do at Synechron

Innovate with our Global Data Science team to solve some of the complex industry problems

I work from the Dubai office; however, the majority of my work is with the core Data Science team stationed in NYC. The team has members globally in the likes of Serbia, India, and London and we have daily scrum calls to ensure maximum collaboration and unison among the team spread across the globe. Not only do we work very cohesively together daily, but we also have very prominent personal friendships outside of work due to regular travel between our many offices.

Since joining, I have spent the majority of my time working on Synechron's first Data Science Accelerator program. These are internal projects where we research, study, and apply state-of-the-art Data Science applications to problems in the FinTech industry that Synechron deems need modern solutions to. The purpose of these is to showcase the extent of our capabilities, in the hope to gain further interest from existing and potential clients. This program proved very successful as I am now working on implementing ideas which stemmed from these Accelerators on real world projects for several distinguished clients, where we are leveraging techniques in a wide array of areas such as Big Data, Statistics, Machine and Deep Learning.


Kevin researches and applies state-of-the-art Data Science applications to problems in the FinTech industry

/ / Why I joined Synechron

To work with the leading FinTech player on Data Science initiatives.

From researching Synechron prior to joining, it was clear that, not only is FinTech a booming industry, but Synechron has long been expressing itself as a powerhouse within the industry. On top of this, the Data Science practice was relatively new to the company, but they were already undertaking very exciting projects which aligned very closely with my studies, thesis and where I could see myself commencing my career. It was evident that there were very exciting times ahead for Data Science at Synechron, and this has already proven to be true in my first couple of months with the company.

/ / MY SKILLs, qualifications and experience

Degree in Computer Science & Mathematics with specialization in Machine Learning and Deep Learning

My studies were in a combination of Computer Science and Mathematics, which led to be an ideal foundation for Data Science. I spent the final year of my studies specialising on Machine Learning and Deep Learning, both in theory and practice. Coming from a Computer Science background, I pride myself on my Software Engineering abilities, and am always adhering to proper programming principles, which I find is, surprisingly, becoming more rare in Data Science.

Data Science is certainly a science, and I believe that Software Engineering is an art. With Synechron being an all-round tech company, I think that it is this appreciation of mine for all areas of both Computer Science and Data Science that secured my role.

/ / My personal interests

Swimming, Rugby, Football, Golf, Cricket and anything in Sports.

Despite coming from an Irish family, I grew up in Zimbabwe and so spent much of my youth outdoors. This allowed for me to grow to love many sports from a young age, and to this day I am still a sports fanatic. Growing up, I swam, played rugby, (not American) football, golf and cricket competitively. Now that I have been given the chance to live in Dubai for some time, I am eager to try out some watersports such as kite surfing.

Having lived in 3 continents, I also love to travel. Synechron has already provided many travel opportunities for me, and in my first six months with the company I have already travelled to four different countries - I'm sure there will be many more to add to the list.

Data Science is not only a career for me, but also a passion. In my spare time, I am always interested in keeping up to speed with ground-breaking advancements in the AI and Data Science areas. I am always eager to learn and am continuously exploring my own personal side projects to challenge myself outside of the office.

Being an Irishman, I also love to party!

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