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Jovana Veselinovic

Jovana Veselinovic

IT Consultant, Novi Sad, Serbia
/ / What I do at Synechron

Implementing goals

My primary task is to help Synechron clients in implementing their goals, which in the first place, requires good communication and cooperation within the team. I started as a software developer but during my time in the company, I began to work on technical documentation too. This is the subject where my previous experience is applied and it represents a developer's guide, which should make our job easier and more efficient.


Jovana helps Synechron clients in implementing their goals

/ / Why I joined Synechron

Enables individuals to
learn & improve

While I was working for the previous company I wanted to explore something new. I heard about a new company, Synechron from my teaching assistant and decided to go for an interview. The things I found out were impressive and this reinforced my intention to work again on something I know best. This company enables individuals to learn and improve their skills while working in a pleasant working atmosphere.

/ / MY SKILLs, qualifications and experience

Major European Companies

I did my Bachelor's and Master's in Electrical and Computer Engineering. Before finishing my master’s degree, I joined a company whose core business is oil and gas exploitation. During two and a half years, my job description mainly comprised infrastructure planning as well as preparing and writing the documentation for upcoming projects (renewable energy sources, trade floor etc.). I had an opportunity to share and improve my knowledge while working and cooperating with major European companies which probably influenced the fact that I wanted to continue my career in one of the leading IT companies.

/ / My personal interests

Traveling & reading books

Sport is something that makes my life easier and more relaxed. I like to spend the rest of my spare time in traveling and reading books.

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