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Jawad Cherkaoui

Head of Murex Center of Excellence, Paris, France
/ / What I do at Synechron

Implementation, upgrade, migration & maintenance solutions

I am a back office and Accounting Expert on Murex Software and part of the 'Train the Trainer' program of Murex. I started working on Murex ten years ago and different projects such as implementation, upgrade, migration and maintenance as a Business Analyst. I also had the chance to work on different assignments across Europe and the United States. All these experiences were very challenging and interesting as I learned many things professionally and personally working with so many different teams. Today, I am in charge of the Murex Center of Excellence and it is very challenging as our goal is to increase our Murex footprint and develop our capability to meet the demands of a very challenging market by training and recruiting talented profiles. Working on the system as an expert and also leading the practice is highly motivating and challenging.


Jawad is a back office & accounting expert on Murex Software

/ / Why I joined Synechron

Interesting & challenging

In 2003, I joined Synechron, a company with excellent Project Management skills. The leaders have always been very close to us and also very encouraging. I saw the company grow into one of the major consultancy players in capital markets services. The projects I have been working on have always been interesting and challenging.

/ / MY SKILLs, qualifications and experience

Masters in Finance & Capital Markets

I did my Bachelor's degree in Economy with a major in International Finance. After an internship in a private bank, I chose to continue my studies with a masters in Finance and Capital Markets. I did my final internship before graduation at Synechron and since then I have been part of the company.

/ / My personal interests

Sports, music and reading

I like travelling, sports, reading, and music. I was also a part of the basketball team in college. Reading has always been part of my life. I like to read history, politics, essays and novels.

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