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Eklove Mohan

Director - Technology, Pune, India
/ / What I do at Synechron

Innovation, Cloud Initiatives, DevOps, Technology Evaluation and training

Simply put, I have the freedom to engage in whatever interests me at Synechron. I work on Innovation, Research & Development, Cloud Initiatives, DevOps, Technology Evaluation, mentoring and training of the young IT generation, and most importantly, I work with clients to provide tactical and strategic solutions. During my time with Synechron, I have had extensive exposure and experience working with cutting-edge technology and have had the opportunity to work with some of the most inspirational thought leaders in the industry.


Eklove works with clients to provide tactical and strategic solutions

/ / Why I joined Synechron

One of the fastest growing IT companies that gave a lot of exciting new challenges

When I joined Synechron on 12/12/12, I had a clear understanding that I was joining one of the fastest growing IT companies in the financial industry and that there would be a lot of exciting new challenges for and expectations of me. While true, with these responsibilities, I found that Synechron provides tremendous growth potential and excellent career opportunities for every individual in the organization. With a clientele consisting of numerous Tier-1 customers in Banking and Financial Services, this was imperative. Synechron provided me the liberty to choose what I wanted to do, and at the same time, the company encouraged me to take on more of a consultative role as compared to other organizations which are more into body shopping. The best part of Synechron is that it considers all its customers to be partners and aligns our goals to best provide them value, be it in technology, business consultancy or digital.

/ / MY SKILLs, qualifications and experience

Master’s in Computer Application and 16 years of experience

I have over 16 years of experience in the IT industry, primarily in the Banking and Financial Services industry. I hold a Master’s in Computer Application (MCA) from Agra University in India. My skill set includes technologies such as .NET, Java, PHP, and Ruby on Rails. I have been working on DevOps and Amazon Web Services (AWS) for the past three to four years.

/ / My personal interests

Sports, technology and family time

I am always exploring “What’s New” in technology and enjoy sports. Though above all, I enjoy spending time with my five-year-old daughter.

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