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David Rovick Arrojo

David Rovick Arrojo

Associate Consultant, London, UK
/ / What I do at Synechron

I solve strategic problems for the largest players in FS

As part of the Data Practice within the Business and Management Consulting unit, I solve strategic and operational problems for some of the industry’s best and biggest players. I stay on top of trends by reading and attending industry events, and I enjoy envisioning the future of financial services by writing thought leadership and contributing to our industry leading accelerators and innovative client propositions. I also get involved with interesting internal projects, for example, in my first few months I identified ways to improve business consultants’ career progression and satisfaction. The project was delivered successfully, and I found it very rewarding to see and benefit from the improvements that took place as a result of my recommendations.


I solve strategic and operational problems for some of the industry’s best and biggest players

/ / Why I joined Synechron

To be a part of a team that supports me and my goals

I joined Synechron because I wanted to work in the innovative world of data whilst also being part of a business consulting practice where I could solve exciting strategic problems. I wanted to be a part of a firm that would support my ambitions and encourage my independent initiative to follow my career interests - I was told before joining that ‘nobody says no at Synechron’ and that has proved true since day one!

/ / my skills, qualifications and experience

Bachelor’s in engineering, thought leadership & charity

I graduated from Imperial College London in 2019 with a BEng in Electronic and Information Engineering where I gained a foundation in the full stack of computer and information engineering. My experience prior to joining Synechron includes co-authoring a paper at Imperial’s Dyson Robotics Lab, teaching children to code at a tech camp, and charity fundraising.


A love of music & a mix of everything else

I love music and enjoy playing guitar and making rap music with my friends from time to time. I also enjoy cooking and swimming as well as reading about all sorts, particularly business and finance.


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