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Helps our clients safeguard and manage their customers’ full digital portfolios and enable digital estate planning


The digital world is an integral part of our personal lives. Greater numbers of people now have digital assets and online accounts. What happens to those digital assets when they pass away?

The challenge

Storing, safeguarding and managing digital assets is a huge challenge due to multiple complexities as individuals accumulate many online accounts. Having a digital 'safety deposit box’ is useful for facilitating and easing the process for an estate settlement.

Target Users

The Digital Asset Management & Estate Planning Accelerator (‘WillPower’) is targeted to Life Insurance and Wealth Management firms that want to allow asset owners to consolidate their digital assets and plan for asset disbursement after they pass away.

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Ensure your digital world is protected


  • WillPower provides a centralized location for the security/safekeeping and management of digital assets and information which will be stored in a secure, vaultlike blockchain-based digital wallet
  • Helps users give loved ones access to their digital assets by communicating desired wishes and distributing assets to beneficiaries
  • A plug and play module allows companies to integrate this Accelerator into existing applications to offer a single customer experience that allows asset owners, trustees and beneficiaries to work together.


  • Allows for multiple distributed access to a digitized full portfolio by multiple critical stakeholders
  • Eases disbursement of other key communications to loved ones (videos, personals letters) post-mortem
  • Alleviates the process and emotional stress on family members for estate settlement once a client death has occurred