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Helps our clients assess early warning predictions of the risks associated with commercial real estate investments


The real estate investment marketplace can be highly rewarding but is volatile and carries great risk that can impact overall individual portfolio holdings. Various ways to assess the risk/reward trade-offs of individual commercial properties, their tenants and any traded real estate securities have not evolved into the current digital environment.

The challenge

Real estate investment risk assessments are a staple best practice, but leveraging modern, cutting-edge techniques for risk analysis are not mainstream.

Target Users

The Real Estate Portfolio Monitoring Accelerator is targeted at Asset Managers, Portfolio Managers and Real Estate analysts who manage and make decisions for investing and financing in Real Estate assets.

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Managing risks for future rewards


  • Data Science models, including Sentiment Analysis and Predictive Analysis, aid in forecasting distress in real estate portfolios
  • Superior monitoring tools, such as analyzing properties and tenants, allow for a robust view of tenant characteristics, economic parameters and predictable stressors at the commercial property, tenant and external environment levels
  • Numeric scores produced across the specific commercial real estate landscape help predict the possibility of property and tenant defaults and covenant violations


  • Cutting-edge Data Science strategies enable deeper analysis, surfacing early-warning distress signals
  • Better investment decision-making and earlier interventions, as judged necessary, are enabled