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Helps develop a holistic, 360° picture of each client and their portfolio to enable propensity scoring


Investors’ demand for heightened servicing is increasing. They crave near-instantaneous engagement, convenience and won’t tolerate friction.

The challenge

Investment management firms need to better understand each individual customer’s unique needs based upon multiple insights. But internal and external customer data can be elusive and is often stored in disparate silos (Customer Relationship Management, Document Management System, Accounting systems and so on).

Target Users

Our Accelerator is targeted to relationship managers, money managers, investment analysts from asset/investment management companies, pension funds, plan sponsors, and other firms.

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Turn your insights into growth


  • Leverages powerful data science models to combine and analyze data from internal and external sources, as well as past and current behavior, for deeper holistic profiles of each client integrated into a single client dashboard
  • A propensity scoring model using comparative algorithms for client profiles with company products/services to determine the likelihood that a client will be receptive to a more targeted marketing outreach
  • Firms can develop more tailored and timely recommendations by utilizing a propensity scoring metric, to effectively predict the precise products, services and investment strategies each client is highly likely to embrace


  • State-of-the-art analytics derive key customer insights
  • Advanced client profiles support, elevate and individualize servicing and build trusted relationships
  • Increase revenue generation as each client can be better marketed to at predictive times of most receptivity