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Eén van de toonaangevende bedrijven voor digitale transformatie, uitsluitend gericht op de financiële dienstverlening


Bij Synechron, combineren we innovatieve ideeën met uitgebreide kennis van de financiële dienstverlening en verzekeringsbranche. Onze wereldwijde technology teams leveren vandaag de oplossingen van morgen. Wij zijn innovators, designers, developers en strategen, en wij transformeren de financiële industrie.


Wij zijn digital natives

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Ervaren, expert consulting

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Wij zijn een technology services leverancier op één lijn met de business

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Wij zijn innovators, ontwerpers, ontwikkelaars en strategen. Hier is het bewijs.

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Lees wat onze klanten zeggen over de impact die Synechron heeft gemaakt op hun projecten en business.

A Digital Crossroads with in the Banking Industry.

We are at a digital crossroads within the banking industry, and while digital and emerging technologies are taking the lead, our survey with Synechron confirmed that banks still value the physical bank branch, and are looking for ways to merge the two experiences to gain the best outcomes for both banks and their customers. Prioritizing digital is no longer a ‘nice to have’ addition to a bank, but is critical in shaping their future strategic bank initiatives and the future of customer experience in the branch.


Vincent Bastid,

Efma Secretary General

We value our insurance clients and partnerships.

Our longstanding partnership with Synechron has been defined by the tremendous innovation it has introduced across Asurion. The dedication it has shown toward being on the forefront of technology, digital and business consulting movements has resulted in a smarter, faster, and more agile client business. We look forward to building on our years of growth and continuing to bring innovation to the insurance industry.


Brice Brewer,

Vice President of Technology, Asurion

Ethereum Blockchain solutions.

The enthusiasm around EEA is remarkable. Our new members come from varying industries such as pharma, mobile, banking, automotive, management consulting, and hardware as well as the startup community driving innovation. It’s great to see everyone come together and build the next generation of our economy on Ethereum Blockchain solutions.


Julio Faura,

Chairman of EEA and Head of Blockchain R&D at Santander