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FinSights from the FinLabs: Tune in to digital transformation

FinSights from the FinLabs is Synechron’s podcast channel that dives into and unpackages major trends and transformation initiatives across financial services.

Hosted from our virtual FinLabs, our Synechron Experts dive into what exciting innovation is coming out of our labs, what our team are working on across the globe and how it ties into the transformation we’re seeing across financial services featuring some of the brightest minds across the industry. Whether it’s the clients we work with, the FinTechs driving change, or a word from our partners, FinSights provides a refreshing perspective on the change we’re seeing in the industry and what lies ahead – tune in and let’s accelerate digital.

Innovation in Banking
Episode 3: ESG- no longer a buzzword but how far away is global adoption
Dec 14, 2020

Synechron’s Head Lead for UK & APAC, Natalia Zurowski, comes back to FinSights to talk to  Rajul Mittal, Head of Sustainable Finance at Synechron Amsterdam and Bermet Dordoeva, Senior Consultant at Synechron Amsterdam, about ESG’s increasingly important role within financial services, what investors want, the development of global metrics and standards and is the E in ESG in a league of its own?

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Innovation in Banking
Episode 2: Applying Innovation in Asset Management – is the
buy-side finally catching up?
Nov 19, 2020

Synechron Marketing Associate Joyce Pogge from New York, sits downs with Sandeep Kumar, Managing Director at Synechron and Head of Synechron’s InvestTech Accelerators, to discuss how asset management firms are accelerating and applying innovation, how the buy-side can gear up to ‘catch up’ to the sell-side and how they’re looking to take advantage of various emerging technologies to accelerate their transformation.

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Innovation in Banking
Episode 1: Innovation in Banking: A look at commoditization
Nov 06, 2020

In our inaugural episode, Synechron’s Marketing Lead for UK & APAC, Natalia Zurowski, talks to Tim Coates, Synechron’s Head of Digital in APAC, about innovation in financial services, digital strategies and paths taken for differentiation, the commoditisation of banking and what it means for the industry and so much more.

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