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What to Consider in a Prospective Tech Employer

Authored by: John Gaunt, Chief Human Resources Officer, Synechron

Emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) are beginning to mature, and as they come of age, they are becoming more and more mainstream across industries as firms race to the forefront of leadership in innovation. However, the future of AI has many wary that their jobs will be taken away as a result of the automation the technology affords, which is more time- and cost-efficient than a human worker. In reality,most jobs will not be taken over by AI robots. However, this concern is not unjustified, as the jobs we know today will look much different tomorrow. The truth is that humans working together with AI will create the most effective results. To keep pace with innovative tech, workers must be re-skilled to remain marketable in the tech-heavy future workplace, where technologies will be based on employee skill sets to fill in where they may be lacking. This also creates a great opportunity for the more digital-savvy workforce of the future, especially those with technological specialties and areas of focus, to step into new opportunities. As a new generation enters the workforce, their place in tech jobs will be critical in shaping and maintaining the jobs of the future. It is obvious that both technology firms, as well as companies in other sectors, will look toward technology-focused graduates to help in preparing for the jobs of the future, as recent graduates are well-poised to do so and hold a different skill set than legacy employees who will have to be re-trained. Aside from the benefits of being educated at the peak of emerging technologies’ maturation, tech firms and tech positions will look to certain staple skills, such as dealing with data, SQL, Julia, Java and more. However, as a prospective member of the technology workforce, what are some things to consider in a potential technology employer?

Prospective technology employees should feel empowered by their employers. Rather than feeling like one part of a machine, with one repetitive job, employees should have the freedom to explore new ideas, to feel a sense of ownership over their work, be inspired by their colleagues and managers, and be afforded the opportunity to grow their knowledge and skill sets. Technology firms seek ambitious and innovative talent, and that talent should be empowered to continue on that trajectory rather than be hindered by their company or junior position. It bears mentioning that tech firms will increasingly look beyond hiring strictly tech-focused talent, but also soft- skills, like communication and business skills. Job seekers should look for companies that empower employees with training programs in these areas, as well as areas such as professional development and/or mentorship.


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