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Newtrex Chooses Synechron to Launch a New Bond Auction Platform Wednesday, May 22, 2019 - London, New York, Paris, Amsterdam, Dubai, Pune, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai

Synechron Inc., a leading Digital Consulting firm for financial services, together with Newtrex, a Fintech startup, today announced the launch of the revolutionary Newtrex Bond Auction Platform. Combined with Newtrex’s extensive experience in financial markets, Synechron programmed and delivered the platform. The platform transforms the issuance process for bond transactions by bringing together increased transparency, reduced risk, and cost reduction, all within a single user-friendly platform.

With today’s operations, it can take several days to process a single transaction. To address this, Newtrex’s electronic auction platform that issues benchmark bond transactions is updating that process. The platform allows market participants and regulators access to a much more open and transparent pricing and allocation process by leveraging state-of-the-art technology and intuitive, practical systems. Investors and issuers using the Newtrex platform will benefit from optimized workflows, reduced risks, agile new issue processes, and more. Investors will also see their allocations and optional hedges immediately without having to wait for and rely on others.

Synechron developed the Newtrex platform drawing on its extensive experience in capital markets and bond trading, building and implementing trading technology platforms, and managing agile program deployments. Additionally, Synechron and Newtrex have established a long-term agreement to further develop and deliver more functionality in phase two of the digital solution for issuance and capital markets. This will include an added cloud version, connecting to bond trading systems, external data sources and interfaces, predictive analytics and modeling, and market APIs. The final version also will include built-in blockchain functionality.

Jarno Droog, Director Technology at Synechron Netherlands said, “The innovative Newtrex auction platform will bring a radical change to the way bonds are being brought onto the financial market. Synechron is proud to have helped develop this revolutionary FinTech platform with the latest, cutting-edge technologies.”

Torsten Elling, CEO at Newtrex said, "Synechron’s enthusiasm and expertise across IT Development and Business Consulting gave us the opportunity to develop our ideas into reality. This, combined with its global reach and its commitment to innovation, has made Synechron an obvious choice for a strategic delivery partner.”

About Newtrex
Newtrex is a financial technology company that developed a new electronic auction platform for issuing benchmark bond transactions transparent, efficient, fast and cheap. Newtrex combines more than 50 years of experience in Debt Capital Markets with extensive knowledge in modern IT infrastructure. Newtrex is an established Dutch limited company and will be regulated by the AFM, with offices in Amsterdam and Düsseldorf. Newtrex has applied for a patent on the system and the underlying algorithm and has access to an extensive international network of investors, issuers, regulators and technology partners.

About Synechron
Synechron is a leading Digital Consulting firm and is working to Accelerate Digital initiatives for banks, asset managers and insurance companies around the world. We achieve this by providing our clients with innovative solutions that solve their most complex business challenges and combining Synechron’s unique, end-to-end Digital, Business Consulting, and Technology services. Based in New York, the company has 18 offices around the globe, with over 8,000 employees producing over $500+M in annual revenue. For more information on the Company please visit website or our LinkedIn community.

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