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DIGITAL UI Developers London , UK
Job Description

Responsible for the front-end development and technical design as per client requirements. Understand the user experience development with consideration for the back-end solutions, working as part of an Agile team.

  • Find effective, efficient and innovative solutions for application design and architecture and testing application performance.
  • Develop the implementation code for web applications.
  • Developing the unit testing code surrounding web applications.
  • Working with the testing team to validate the applications.
  • Participate in the web product team scrums.
  • Troubleshooting, optimizing and performance tuning web applications.
  • Set up and build configurations to integrate with the clients’ continuous integration and source control systems.
  • A demonstrated track record developing high-quality Hybrid mobile web apps containing rich content and User Interface components, using AngularJS, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript and REST technologies.
  • Leading JavaScript libraries and frameworks for mobile web development (such as jQuery, Backbone, Underscore).
  • Familiar with touch interfaces, mobile gesture support, flexible CSS layout, security, and tight AJAX server integration.
  • In-depth understanding of software development lifecycle and best practices is a must.
  • Experience developing reusable APIs, consuming web services (REST) and processing data (XML/JSON).
  • Understanding of performance and platform limitations of mobile devices and mitigation techniques.
  • Ability to review the Architecture/Design/Code; and suggest solutions and improvements.
  • Experience working in an onshore-offshore model, analysis & test teams.
Desired Skills:
  • Symphony Integration

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