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Trade finance today is a core business for global banks, insurance companies and other players. Yet, trade finance today is also 10 years behind modern technology – manual and document intensive – and breaks in business cycles inhibit visibility and amplify challenges such as financial crime. Trade finance fraud costs businesses an estimated $14 billion a year impacting corporates across the value chain. In combination with other emerging technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things (IoT), blockchain can enable a faster, better and safer performing business. Synechron brings the power of blockchain-based network validation, smart contracts, and digital currency to make the trade finance cycle more efficient and more risk-free by an order of magnitude. It combines three key digital technologies to provide:

  • An easier and more efficient trade-finance experience
  • Reduced risks of trade
  • Contract integrity and reduced fraud by automatic checks for contract terms and-conditions
  • Access to smart contracts using a private, permissioned Ethereum network to gain the benefits of contract verification
  • Option to combine the transaction data with other blockchain networks and emerging technologies

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