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My Insurance™ App


Mobile apps have rapidly become the new business norm in the insurance world and are increasingly driving customer experience. Policy holders expect insurance carriers to provide them self-service options where they can manage and monitor their accounts with the same level of functionality they’d receive from a desktop solution. At the same time, they’re also looking to go beyond simple claims management and payments which is putting pressure on insurers to stay relevant and to find innovative ways to use mobile applications to deepen customer relationships, cross-sell policies, and deliver value-added experiences that build brand loyalty.

To help insurers with their mobile-first strategies, Synechron has created "My Insurance™" App. The accelerator application is a multi-line policy management solution that includes Home, Auto, Boat, and Pet insurance administration for personal and family lines, as well as commercial and small business. It gives customers mobile access to policy services and payments, and enables quick claims filing and policy amendments with instant document and picture uploads and on-demand account editing. This allows policy holders to maintain a central inventory and to easily add on new entities or policy holders to their inventory. Synechron has also pre-built in value-added services related to the insured entity (house, car, person, etc.) including emergency services like 911, roadside assistance, and automatic geo-location upload. “My Insurance™” is also providing customers daily, 24/7 access their insurance needs without requiring additional personnel or human resources.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Customer Engagement Increase customer interaction without proactive sales or marketing. Apps enable customers to perform small tasks in moments that they may be reluctant to perform if it necessitates a call or in-person visit.
  • Create Upsell Opportunities – on the competitive agent leaderboard
  • Improved Claims Process – due to a faster process backed by easy accessibility and availability of information
  • Streamlining – by reduced agent paperwork while making processes more efficient with digital claims, user maintained inventory of the insured with documents and photos, and mobile payments
  • Lower call center costs – and faster customer service processing time by putting answers at the fingertips of the customer
  • Attract a New Demographic - by making product appealing for millennials and the self-service generation who prefer to do things on their own and at their own convenience
  • Deepened Customer Understanding - by use of new, centralized information about customer for better insight, engagement, and decision-making

Know how Synechron’s My Insurance™ App is enabling an enhanced customer experience and efficient policy management

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