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Habit Hacker


One of the fastest-growing trends in insurance technology is the rise of Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled devices in automotive insurance. This model has been a tremendous success and one insurers are looking to replicate beyond automotive and expand into insurance lines such as dental, health, and life.

With Habit Hacker, Synechron has developed an IoT Accelerator application that uses IoT-enabled devices to monitor life insurance customer habits and drive behavioral change. Users can create a queue of habits to track and better understand their own good and bad behaviors and modify their routine using social incentives or through pre-established programs with their insurance provider. This data includes daily steps, calories burned; sleep habits, and other lifestyle data gathered by biometric wearables that inform insurance risk. With this information, insurance companies can provide their customers rewards and discounts for healthy living to minimize their risk of early payouts, lower overall claims, and collect data that will inform future customer risk modeling and insurance premiums.

Habit Hacker can also support niche life insurance program requirements with wearable biometric data used to prove rehab compliance for those claiming disability, and smart toothbrush data used to track and improve daily dental hygiene and preventative care. Ultimately, Habit Hacker can be extended to multiple lines of insurance and across the rapidly-growing IoT device network to track habits, collect data, and influence behaviors that benefit the insured and the insurer alike.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Improved customer loyalty - with a high-touch app and tangible rewards
  • Improved overall profitability - with reduced total number of claims and lowered overall combined ratio
  • Easy and engaging smartphone experience - a value add for users looking to improve themselves
  • Valuable data - to improve models and better assess risk for insurance providers

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