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FieldForce™ App


An insurance sales agent’s daily grind requires driven, self-starters who are tenacious and organized in pursuing and managing sales. For agents, it can be daunting to figure out how to manage and prioritize a high quantity of leads and preserve a decent work-to life balance. For providers, high turnover has become an accepted reality, and these challenges hinder efficiency, impact sales, and hurt customer retention rates.

To combat this, Synechron has developed its IoT Accelerator application, “FieldForce™”, a mobile sales management dashboard that taps into the geo-tracking sensors in mobile phones and uses the social leaderboard concept popularized by IoT applications to create a gamified sales experience. It increases efficiency and provides valuable tools to convert more sales through real-time identification of nearby prospects. The intuitive dashboard provides a clear view into lead activity, meeting schedules, sales pipelines, and customer/lead life events. Moreover, it provides additional sales tools such as Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for easy document capture, a messaging app to communicate with peers, and a lead management widget to track progression and log notes.

"FieldForce™" adds a level of fun and competition through gamification by assigning point totals to different achievements and tracking them on a public leaderboard. Agents are rewarded with unique badges for hitting provider-designated goals, which helps to instill temporary habits and turn them into long-term behaviors. With "FieldForce™", firms not only give their agents the tools to succeed, they create a culture of winning that will keep agents around for longer, working harder, and selling more.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Enhanced customer prospecting – enabled by geo-location functions in the mobile phone
  • Movement tracking – on the competitive agent leaderboard
  • Improved Claims Process – due to a faster process backed by easy accessibility and availability of information
  • Speed agent onboarding – by providing the tools to hit the ground running and to create early momentum
  • Real-time prospecting and enhanced client outings – by connecting to other essential applications like Salesforce, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, OpenTable, Charlie, and more to inform
  • Increased retention rates - with organizational tools for contacts and social media integration to track important life events
  • Improved opportunity advancement - by logging sales data across all stages, identifying weaknesses, and adjusting
  • Reinforced end-to-end sales behavior - by using gamification to reward a balance of calls, sales stage advancement, pure sales, and renewals
  • Promotion of company initiatives - by creating unique competitions for sales of particular products or targeting certain demographics

Know how Synechron’s FieldForce™ App is empowering Mobile CRM and Gamification

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