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Data Visualization for Financial Services

Authored by: Alexander Kling, Director, Synechron and Marc Westgate, Senior Consultant, Synechron

A Pragmatic Approach to Harnessing Business Insight
Data visualization is entering a new era. While the premise of visualization remains the same – to generate actionable insight from complex datasets – the ever-increasing volume of data available and technological advancements are changing the way financial institutions approach visualization.

It is easy to become overwhelmed when embarking on your data visualization journey. The quality and comprehensiveness of your visualization depends almost entirely on the datasets you are looking to consume and the ability to synthesize and explore these environments successfully can be challenging.

However, data visualization remains a key tool that keeps big data consumable, and the ability to apply effective visualization within an institution has essentially progressed from an art into a science. Diverse methods can be used to generate insight from your data and as organizations begin to augment their visualizations with new, innovative techniques, their approach for formulating visualization projects must remain pragmatic.


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