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Automated Product Recommendation


Global financial institutions have a considerable amount of data related to existing and prospective customers. Firms realize that data can be incredibly powerful to support cross-selling to existing clients as well as for new client acquisition, but the data is too vast to mine manually and generate strategic insights needed for targeted sales, marketing and account management strategies.

Product recommender is a Synechron custom developed generic recommendation engine that ingest data from numerous external sources related to financial products, macroeconomic and business events (e.g. stocks, bonds, derivatives, futures, Google GDELT event data, business events etc.) along with internal customer data to discover investment / trading behavior and makes use of hybrid recommendation algorithms that combine power of content-based filters with collaborative filtering. The solution is highly scalable, sustainable and secure to deploy with a pluggable architecture with meta data discovery and management.

The output of a Synechron Product Recommender solution can be by way of bespoke dashboards for use by marketing and sales teams for customized messaging, or a product offering to the customer, based on their profiles. This yield quick and improved returns in terms of increased product sales and transition the service parameters to a whole new level.

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