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Synechron UK Attends Generation Success Power Series: Banking & Finance Special

On April 9th, Synechron UK Managing Director, Tony Clark, mentored at the “Generation Success (GS) Power Series: Banking and Finance Special,” to help motivate young professionals and to share his career stories and road to success. The GS Power Series are a series created to connect ambitious talent with inspiring professionals who have reached a level of success in their respective industries, despite sometimes facing less than ideal circumstances.

The event started with a one-hour speed mentoring session where mentors and mentees spent 15 minutes sharing their life stories, burning questions and career advice for success. After speed mentoring, Tony was joined by senior leaders within the banking and finance sector, including: Sophia Aluko, Head of Service Delivery Transition Services Management at Barclays; Dharmesh Patel, Director Head of Structured FX Sales at Lloyds Banking Group; and Steve Xing, Financial Advisory Partner and Financial Services Modelling Lead at Deloitte UK, to do a ten minute speech on their career journeys followed by a panel discussion on how to navigate the changing market landscape.

Tony spoke to the audience about his career journey to help motivate and inspire attendees, beginning with his start in the technology and consultancy industry at Accenture to being part of setting up Crossbridge Consultancy, followed by detailing the acquisition process he underwent with Synechron and some words of advice: “Find ways to add value to your organisations. Help your leadership team where you can, and do not be afraid of a challenge,” said Clark. “The relationship between the employee and employer is a two-way street, and it’s important for both parties to be able to help one another grow.”

Some of the key takeaways that participants learned from the discussion included:

  • Overcoming adversity – How to handle rough patches that come your way, including not getting the job you want, not receiving a bonus, and how to manage workplace discrimination.
  • Perseverance and persistence – The importance of persevering even when you begin to doubt yourself, your abilities and when your career is not going the way you planned.
  • Adding value – A common theme on how in order to progress, employees should work to find ways to add value to their organisations, work outside their job descriptions and to not be afraid to rise to that challenge.
  • Reskilling and upskilling – Although organisations have begun to offer internal and external courses, it’s important for employees to find incentive within themselves to learn any new skills (hard and soft) they may need to excel in the workplace.

The event helped attendees to leave feeling empowered, take action on their dreams and how to overcome any difficulties they encounter along the way and believe that nothing is impossible.

About Generation Success

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