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Synechron Sponsors Markel Innovation Expo

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Synechron is a proud sponsor of the Markel Innovation Expo on May 15th in Richmond, VA. The event will bring together industry leaders and experts to drive ahead the InsurTech innovation agenda covering digital capabilities that can inform, inspire and empower attendees to think about how they can best serve customers and stakeholders across the insurance value chain through applied innovation.

We will have experts onsite who will show how Synechron’s InsurTech Accelerators , designed in our FinLabs, utilize emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), Blockchain, Mobile, Customer Experience Design and other approaches that help solve the top challenges facing the insurance industry today.

Synechron’s Ashish Nangla, Senior Director Software, will present how Synechron is helping Insurance companies compete with InsurTech innovation and Accelerate Underwriting processes by applying AI to various business challenges across the underwriting lifecycle. Ashish will demo Synechron’s award-winning Visual Risk Accelerator, a digital underwriting platform, to inspire business solutioning innovation.

The demo will focus on how to use:

  • RPA and AI to automate underwriting form data population,
  • Apply advanced AI to calculate a WIN Score for the underwriter to better prioritize where to focus customer acquisition efforts,
  • Use a Forms Recommender to analyze which forms are commonly used for a specific type of business to avoid coverage gaps
  • AI to create a Similar Quotes analysis
  • Synechron’s expertise to apply InsurTech innovation and integrate underwriting solutions into the existing business infrastructure

The session will conclude with a fireside chat with Ashish Nangla, moderated by Markel to discuss additional ways to innovate and manage applications powered by enhanced business intelligence, risk mitigation, and predictive selling tools.

Come by to see Synechron at our booth at the Markel Insurance building at 4600 Cox Road.


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