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SFO Digital Round Table Blog Recap

Last month our experts in San Francisco met to discuss the latest in Digital Innovation. The event brought together many global and regional banks over drinks and dinner at The Bently Reserve.

Synechron’s very own Chandra Annam - Senior Director of Technology began the evening with a short introduction and brief summary on why our Digital Round Tables are so important. As our audience settled in, Sriraam Malavalli, Senior Director of Technology dove into deeper discussions on the technological trends such as Data & Analytics, Digital Transformation, AI, Machine learning and how these are driving Business transformation at Banks and value experiences for Customers.

Participants were engaged and debated tops such as micro vs mini vs multi-services, how streaming data and data robotics would fuel real-time analytics and if deep learning in combination with Metaheuristics would transform the value delivered to customers.

Srikanth Polisetty - Business Analysis Specialist, interested the audience when he shared his knowledge on Life Cycle of Data Lake. He explained that a Data lake is a vast repository of various data sources, raw information that has the potential to be acquired, processed, and analyzed for business benefits and how data is stored in raw format for data lineage, auditing and traceability.

As the evening came to an end we had the opportunity to showcase our AI-based Accelerator Applications. Our AI Accelerators focus on techniques including NLP, Cognitive ML, RPA, Data Science, and Deep Learning.

It was an educational evening filled with engaging discussions and new opportunities.


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