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Robotic Process Automation

Five things you need to know about cognitive robotic process automation

Processing Unstructured Data
Cognitive robotic process automation (RPA) is a technology that enables processing of (semi) unstructured data, such as salary slips, valuation reports, bank statements, notices, financial reports, employer statements or payments messages. This capability significantly increases the number of processes that can be automated within your organization compared to regular RPA robots which can only process structured data.

Self-Learning Capabilities
Cognitive robots are able to learn from humans while they are performing their tasks. Based on these learnings the robots automatically improve their workflows, so that your human workers can do more interesting work. Learning continuously stimulates the accuracy level of the robot. It enables a more intelligent virtual workforce that can cover a wider span of tasks within your organization.

Scalable Hybrid Workforce
Cognitive RPA facilitates a highly-scalable workforce within your organization. Human employees and virtual employees work side-by-side as part of one hybrid workforce. Virtual workers are focused on repetitive and mundane processes, while humans take care of tasks that are more challenging or that require creativity.

Predictive Workload Management
Where regular RPA requires humans to decide where and when to assist, cognitive robots anticipate the expected workload of your organization and are able to automatically scale the optimal amount of robots needed. This enables effective usage of your virtual workforce and IT systems.

Leverage the Full Potential of AI
Having embedded cognitive robotic process automation within your organization will prepare you to reap the benefits of opportunities that are grounded in artificial intelligence technologies and gain competitive advantage within the financial services industry. It will make your organization more efficient and effective. For more information about how cognitive RPA can add value for your organization feel free to contact Synechron.


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