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Recap - Women in Blockchain

Empowering Women in Tech One Block at a Time

On July 11, 2018, Synechron hosted its second Women in Blockchain Event in Charlotte, NC after a successful first event in New York. Women in Blockchain events seek to celebrate and educate women as they continue to defy expectations by entering the world of tech - an area oftentimes associated with men. As the social atmosphere continues to shift; however, more women than ever are succeeding in digital technology.

Two women making waves in the realm of digital technology, Diana Kearns-Manolatos, Synechron's Global Head of Marketing, and Shweta Tewari, Synehron Charlotte's Digital Lead, were the featured speakers of the event. Synechron's CEO, Faisal Husain, also shared some words on Blockchain and gave his take on why celebrating women in tech is so important.

A Block By Block Breakdown of Blockchain
The Women in Blockchain event gave a comprehensive overview of Blockchain, the digital platform that has been appearing on everyone's news feeds the past two years and explained why Blockchain is such an important staple in future technological advancements. By teaching women (and men) the intricacies of Blockchain, they become empowered with knowledge they can use when formulating their own ideas regarding an exciting and progressive digital future.

Technical subjects covered at the event included the emergence of Blockchain across industries, how Blockchain works, leading platforms in the financial sector, Blockchain use cases, and a live Quroum Maker demo, among other topics

Some of the key takeaways:

  • Part of the reason blockchain is so transformative verses other technologies is that it completely changes the bounds of trust verses a distributed database or centralized utility model. In a distributed database, the boundary of trust is assuming trust only within the closed network and information is not immutable. In a central authority model, the nodes / actors within the network have all given trust to that central actor to validate a single source of truth. Distributed Ledger Technology is a network that builds trust among untrusting participants by replicating data across the network to validate, immutably that single source of truth.
  • Distributed Ledger Technology, Smart Contracts, and Payments are three key criteria needed to make a strong blockchain use case from a functional standpoint; however, when developing a business case, Blockchain is not the solution to every problem. Ask key questions like could this be done with a centralized database? Is this a trustless network where DLT is needed to reconcile data or create a single source of truth?
  • Industry consortiums can help for building shared use cases and bringing together the large network of trustless participants needed for Decentralized Applications (DApps) to gain critical mass
  • The leading open source platforms include Ethereum, Quorum, Fabric, and Corda. While a platform like Ethereum has an advantage in the Public blockchain space and is advancing its enterprise approach to challenges such as privacy and scalability in initiatives like the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA), platforms like Quorum and Corda have an advantage in banking because of their inherent focus on privacy. Additionally, Corda is a Java-based platform which has a natural alignment with the Financial Services technology stack architecture.

Inspiring the Future Women of Blockchain
The Women in Blockchain event garnered a successful turn-out of women and men alike possessing a diverse set of Blockchain knowledge from novice to expert levels. Hosting a varied set of individuals was advantageous to all as the experts were able to chime in and answer inquiries of those with less Blockchain experience. Firsthand, women new to the world of Blockchain were able to witness women who are currently changing the digital technology atmosphere. Men were also able to contribute to the conversation and learn from their female peers creating an undercurrent of respect and understanding for each other's proficiency.

Many women who attended the networking session after the round table noted feeling inspired by the intelligence of the experienced women in the room, and by the successful female Keynote speakers. In all, the Women in Blockchain event showcased that slowly, but surely, women are and will continue to break through the Glass Ceiling.


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