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Synechron rolls out Employee 2020 initiative

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Employee 2020

In 2017, Synechron surveyed our employees across all business lines, geographies, and levels to understand what we value most as individuals and as a company. We used that information to introduce five engagement cornerstones we believe define what it means to be a Synechronite and what makes us special as an organization.



We are ambitious individuals in an ambitious organization. We are hyper-focused with a clear direction for the company and ourselves, and passion to achieve that ambition is what drives us every day



We are innovative. We imagine, invent, transform and create new business models, new technology architectures, new experiences, and with new technologies.



Our employees are empowered to own their projects, inspire their teams, collaborate with one another, and grow their knowledge, skillsets, accounts, and more.



We are responsible to ourselves, our clients and our communities to do what is fair, just, inclusive, and honest.



At Synechron, opportunities are limitless. We have 18 offices around the world and a diverse team of industry leaders that strive for excellence.


As an organization, we believe what makes Synechron unique is our ability to create an environment that reinforces these elements in the programs we deliver as a 21st Century HR organization related to benefits, reward and recognition programs, career development and mentorship, CSR and diversity initiatives. Synechron’s Employee 2020 program will guide our commitment to all of these important initiatives as we evaluate and enhance our global and local-first programs in each of these key areas.

As individuals, these attributes are what we believe sets our employees apart from other companies, what we can use to attract, recruit and retain top industry talent, and why Synechron continues to be recognized as a great place to work, punching above our weight among peers and delivering limitless opportunities for our ambitious employees to innovate in a way that is not possible with our competitors.

To read more about our Employee 2020 program, please click on the below button to download the brochure.

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