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A Leading French Asset ManagerWorkflow Management UI for European Asset Manager

Synechron was selected by a major European Asset Management firm with a diverse investment strategy ranging from securities to farm equipment to enhance its internal digital Workflow Management system prior to official launch. The firm determined that to ensure broad adoption, it would require a simple, intuitive user interface (UI). Additionally, as part of a proprietary product suite, it was critical that the workflow management system would seamlessly interact with the rest of the ecosystem. The Workflow Management Tool was expected to allow managers to assign workflows to employees with the option to set up reoccurrences, track workflow statuses, run group or individual comparative analytics to determine the best person or team for an individual project, set milestones, and more.

Upon reviewing the existing solution, Synechron determined the most cost-effective, efficient and effective approach would be to develop an intuitive front-end UI layer that visually reinforced use of the most important functionality, supported by back-end development. After a condensed research phase evaluating the user experience of industry Workflow Management Tools, the team took an agile design and development approach utilizing ReactJS to build a cleaner, easier to navigate UI. Back-end developers worked to implement technical workflow changes and integrate the Workflow Management Tool with the firm’s proprietary ecosystem consisting of a CRM, Document Repository, HR Systems, and others.

The combination of Synechron’s User Experience (UX) capability, financial services domain expertise to understand the asset management workflow, and back-end development /systems integration capabilities were clear differentiators in the project. Operating using a near-shore model, Synechron’s Serbia office oversaw the back-end development and helped Synechron to hit aggressive delivery deadlines. As a global project functioning across three countries, the project benefited from Synechron’s multi-lingual team allowing for clear communication with the client during design and development phases.

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An Intuitive Workflow Management Tool for Asset Managers

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