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2018: The Evolution of Chatbots

2017 saw a significant rise in the adoption of Chatbots across all industries, particularly the financial services and insurance industries. Successfully deployed Chatbots proved indispensable, cutting costs, enabling more efficient use of human resources, and perhaps most importantly, garnering positive feedback from users. As the technology advances, so will Chatbot adoption.

Synechron’s unique approach to Chatbots has enabled us to work with big banks and insurance providers to develop Chatbots that automate and enhance manual services such as transaction execution, cross-selling and up-selling, onboarding, customer service and more. Our strict focus on the financial services and insurance industries enables us to train bots in complicated terminology, while maintaining compliance in a highly regulated environment. We’ve used this expertise to develop a series of AI-based Chatbot accelerators including TraderBOT, LoanBOT, InsurBOT and BankBOT, each easily integrated into existing business processes. You can view BankBOTs capabilities in this video. We’ve also just launched a new feature called SelfiePay, using facial recognition to enable users to split a bill with a simple selfie, which you can watch here.

In addition to our Chatbot accelerators, Synechron recently launched Sytorio, a Cognitive Robotic Process Automation solution with built in Chatbot capabilities. Sytorio enables rapid development of Chatbot workflows and automation, with built-in Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Natural Language Processing and Generation (NLG/NLP), and is API-enabled with out-of-the-box integration points for digital integration.

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