Jonathan Pujol

IT Consultant, Paris, France
/ / What I do at Synechron

Technical Consultant

I work as a technical consultant at Team Trade (now Synechron). I started on the assignment at the Calypso service center in Natixis doing ongoing maintenance. I worked closely with the support and BA teams and mainly as a Java developer on the Calypso platform. I then left this team to follow a three-month 'Embedment Training Program' at Murex. After completing the course, I joined the 'Integration Dataflows' team to carry out level 2 (T2) and level 3 (T3) support.


Jonathan carries out level 2 (T2) and level 3 (T3) support.

/ / Why I joined Synechron

A very good reputation among clients

Team Trade is a consulting business specialized in Finance and with a very good reputation among its clients. It has built strong partnerships with leading financial software vendors. During my job interviews, I felt that there was a welcoming atmosphere and the staff were cheerful. I also had the feeling that Team Trade could offer me the right career and coaching. And finally I wanted to work on major software solutions and Team Trade was able to meet my requirements.

/ / MY SKILLs, qualifications and experience

Engineering in Electronics & IT

I studied engineering at the ENSEA majoring in electronics and IT and then I completed my studies at the Georgia Institute of Technology where I spent one year. Back in France, I joined Sagem Défense et Sécurité for my end-of-studies internship and did embedded systems programming. In 2011, I became interested in the banking world and I decided to join a Belgian vendor that proposed bank accounting software to its clients. Almost three years later, I decided to move on to market finance and I joined Team Trade.

/ / My personal interests

A sports enthusiast

First and foremost I am a great sports enthusiast. I spend a lot of time running but I won’t pass up an indoor soccer game or tennis match if I can. When I’m on holiday, I like hiking and alpine skiing. I am very keen on IT and new technologies in general.

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