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Amanda Cuenca

Amanda Cuenca

Senior Associate - Digital, New York, USA
/ / What I do at Synechron

Delivering engaging human-to-computer experiences

As a user experience designer, I work with business, tech and product teams to deliver engaging human-to-computer experiences. I do that by analyzing current financial systems and existing user processes to understand where user pain points exist and design improved workflows and interfaces.


As a UX Designer, I work with business, tech and product teams to deliver engaging human-to-computer experiences.

/ / Why I joined Synechron

Opportunity to work on new and upcoming technologies

Synechron is a company that values design-thinking processes to provide clients with user-centric solutions. I felt that by joining Synechron, I would have the opportunity to work on new and upcoming technologies with which users would enjoy interacting.

/ / MY SKILLs, qualifications and experience

Graphic Design and Product Development

Raised in Las Vegas, I graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a concentration in Graphic Design. During college, I was involved with cross-disciplinary teams building innovative products in tech. One of the projects I became involved in had the objective to build an ultra-efficient, solar-paneled house for the U.S. Department of Energy in a 100+ student project across engineering, architecture, and design majors. It was through that project that I discovered my passion for new areas of technology and understanding the ways in which people interacted with computers and the environment around them. Upon graduating, I went on to freelance and work for IoT and AI related startups working in product development and user experience design. And now, I do what I’m most passionate about here at Synechron; analyzing financial systems and workflows to create engaging interfaces for clients!

/ / My personal interests

Good Food, Healthy Living and Music

I live by a big park and enjoy running as a means of meditation. I also enjoy trying new foods and restaurants here in New York. In the evenings, you can find me in my apartment learning songs on the ukulele.

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