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Crossbridge now fully integrated into Synechron Wednesday, September 28, 2016 - London

Crossbridge now fully integrated into Synechron

Synechron Inc., a global financial services consulting and technology services provider, has today announced that Crossbridge has fully integrated into Synechron and has been renamed Synechron Business Consulting Ltd. (SBC). Together, the companies provide an end-to-end global business consulting and technology development solution that uniquely delivers seamless strategy and execution for the highest impact.

Founded in 2007 and acquired in 2015, Crossbridge brought together an end-to-end understanding of financial services and business consulting that helped the company grow to over 100 consultants and to make a name for itself with many of the largest financial institutions across Europe.

Now fully integrated into Synechron Business Consulting, Crossbridge clients will continue to work with the industry-leading consultants who already know and understand their businesses, with the added benefit of enhanced global reach, scalability and offshoring capabilities offered by Synechron.

“Financial services firms are re-defining their business models in light of the digital, regulatory and innovation revolution taking place today. Synechron’s investment into its people and research & development into the latest digital innovations has allowed us to expand our offerings and capabilities. As Synechron, we are now part of a worldwide workforce of over 6,000 professionals working in 16 locations, delivering an end-to-end client experience that includes business and technology consulting, application development, systems integrations, and much more,” said Tony Clark, Managing Director, Synechron Business Consulting, London.

“Crossbridge has been an important part of our Power of 3 strategy, allowing us to add over 100 consultants with deep expertise in financial services and relationships with some of the biggest banks in London and across Europe. With Crossbridge fully integrated into Synechron Business Consulting, our global clients will benefit from the team’s proven consulting expertise and their clients will gain access to these additional capabilities to drive forward their business strategies,” said Faisal Husain, Co-Founder and CEO of Synechron.

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