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Bloomberg Radio: Synechron Discusses Brexit Friday, November 04, 2016 - Frankfurt, London, New York

What’s the future of London as the Brexit conversation heats up? Bloomberg Markets AM Lisa Abramowicz spoke with Synechron’s Haydn Lightfoot and the verdict is it could take firms up to 2 years to relocate, so they need to be thinking about implications now – what are the laws around bonuses, business types, product offerings and other factors in different countries and cities and which best align with the intended business model? Banks are doing an assessment on which parts of their organization are exposed and running scenarios. London has a history of being a financial zone and offers unique opportunities for companies to raise money. Perhaps only New York could support clearing across the 17 currencies in Europe the way London does now. Given all these factors, it is not surprising that our research shows despite relocation planning, 73% of British bankers expecting London to remain the financial center of Europe in 5 years.

About Synechron
Synechron is a global consulting and technology organization providing innovative solutions to the financial services industry through its three main business focus areas: digital, business consulting, and technology. Based in New York, the company has 16 offices around the globe, with over 6,000 employees producing $400M in annual revenue.

Listen to the November 4 replay at http://www.bloomberg.com/podcasts/pl_interviews

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