TECHNOLOGY Software Application Developer Piscataway, NJ, USA
Job Description

Software Application Developer is needed; exact worksite not known at this time but will report to, will be managed from, and paid out of headquarters office in Piscataway, NJ. No travel and/or telecommuting.

This position qualifies under our incentive-based employee referral program.

  • Responsible for defining various types (remote, local and XMIT) of queues and Channels on Unix and Linux and monitor all the queues and channels on Unix, Linux and Mainframe environment.
  • Create and update various UNIX scripts, while working as a SAA administrator and define routing rules, create functional design documents, implement plans and project presentations, manage vendor application, LINUX processes, in house custom processes, real time SWIFT inbound and outbound message flowing and manage relationship with SWIFT, EAST NET and IBM.
  • Troubleshoot and identify root cause of the rejection and communicate with clients about the error and resolve all user queries regarding the application, its environmental and business functionality.
  • Maintain Technical documentation of problem/failure and its resolutions and also responsible for offshore and onsite team management and keep track of resolution and pending task for ad hoc requests.
  • Provide quick resolution to ad hoc business requests and follow up with client for satisfactory resolution.
  • Master’s degree in Computer Science or Computer Application. Foreign educational equivalent acceptable.
  • SAA, SAG, SNL, HSM, SIDE, Tomcat, AMH, Swift Alliance, TIBCO, FIX messages, Swift messaging, ORACLE, Web Logic, Unix and Linux.

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