Blockchain Technology

Blockchain Technology

Synechron is programme sponsor of Blockchain Technology: The Future for Financial Services Infrastructure Summit, 22nd November in London.

It has been widely acknowledged that blockchain offers an opportunity to reduce costs, to improve efficiency, to reduce risks and, overall, to provide a better customer service, which ultimately is what financial services need to be all about. One of the main challenges in the financial world, though, is how to integrate blockchain into the existing financial system, particularly the infrastructure that underpins the workings of the financial system.

This event will address blockchain technology from the user-led point of view and analyse its potential for the financial services industry - particularly its infrastructure – in the UK and beyond. It will explore how the qualities of this new technology will change the face of business for financial services institutions and what the opportunities for development and new business will be.

Matt Shaw, Associate Partner and Data Management Practice Lead at Synechron Business Consulting will speak about ‘Challenges for the Financial Industry in unlocking the potential of Blockchain’. He will address some of the key challenges for blockchain solutions, like digital identity and key management, credit-worthiness and reputation management, verifying and validating smart contracts, security and cryptography and document management. He will also give a brief introduction about our blockchain accelerators.

Visit Synechron’s booth and learn how our blockchain accelerators can accelerate your blockchain initiative. We’ll be giving live demos of Synechron’s six blockchain accelerators (working applications using Ethereum, Hyperledger and Ripple) for Trade Finance, KYC Utilities, Insurance, Margin Calls, Payments and Mortgages and can discuss where Synechron can help your business with consulting, technology and digital capabilities.

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November 22, 2016,


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